Curriculum Themes

Black History & Philosophy
Organizing vs. The Machine
  1. Early and Often - Chicago History of Politics
  2. Black Political Culture
  3. Organizing in the 21st Century
Government & Levers
Special Interests - Labor & Corporate, Budgets, Legislative Processes
  1. Chicago System of Government
  2. The Media and Public Opinion
  3. Fighting for Our Interest
Campaigns and Operations
Petitions, Paid & Earned Media, Field, Research, Fundraising
  1. Politicking for Good
  2. Keys to a Campaign
  3. Show Me What Accountability Looks Like


Date Event(s)
January 18th Program Launch; Application Period Open (January 18th - 31st)
February 16th Cohort Members Announcement
February 27th Black History & Philosophy
March 13th Black History & Philosophy
April 10th Government & Levers
May 8th Government & Levers
June 12th Campaigns & Operations
July 10th Campaigns & Operations
August 14th Closeout; Graduation