Black Bench Chicago (The Bench) aims to develop Black community leaders who can create and carry out a plan that delivers Black Chicagoans resources. Individuals, ages 25-45 years old, who are in the public affairs arena serving in the fields of civic engagement, civil service, elected office, and strategic leadership from Chicago’s South, East, and West sides are eligible to apply.

The Bench brings individuals together to build community, foster creativity, develop leadership skills, and encourage more progress. During the program period, participants are challenged to think critically about leadership theories, traditions, and models to create, communicate, and carry out solutions to social justice and other challenges in Chicago’s Black Community.

Key Dates

  • January 18th: Application Opens
  • January 31st: Application Closes
  • February 16th: Cohort Announced
  • February 27th: Session Date
  • March 13th: Session Date
  • April 10th: Session Date
  • May 8th: Session Date
  • June 12th: Session Date
  • July 10th: Session Date
  • August 14th: Closeout